Today’s aspiring High School athletes want a targeted university search, based on academic, athletic and geographic attributes. They also want to select and connect with these universities and coaches on a single and simple to use recruiting platform.

Athletes Seeking Universities

ONLY HIGHLIGHT-HIM empowers both athletes and universities to connect on the athletic and academic attributes that matter most to simplify and accelerate the athlete-coach connection.

Today’s college coaches seek athletes who demonstrate superior athleticism and mental toughness in addition to personalities that showcase teamwork, commitment and character.

A Coach’s Search for Athletes

University coaches are now empowered to create custom searches for athletes based on the academic, athletic, and sports psychology attributes that matter most to them.

Athletic Standard Index (ASI)

The Athletic Standard Index (ASI) cuts through the confusion to clearly and objectively measure and assess an individual’s athleticism.

By imputing an athlete’s biometric data and physical testing results, athletes and coaches can confidently assess performance and potential against collegiate levels of play. An ASI score is a real-time measurement and it can change over time. There are things you can do to prepare mentally and physically that will help you improve your score. It is not uncommon for ASI scores to improve dramatically as players mature. Athletic Standard is a pioneer in performance testing and has been working with professional and collegiate athletes and teams for over 30 years. You can take your ASI test at a combine or open testing date at a Certified HIGHLIGHT-U Facility. See the calendar of upcoming events.  

Mental Toughness Index (MTI)

Offered through our exclusive partnership with Psymetrics, the MTI measures five critical behavioral characteristics that have been linked to athletic success.


The degree to which the athlete pushes him/herself to the absolute limit, is mentally tough, prepares for competition, has the internal drive to be the best, exhibits a winning attitude and is willing to risk it all to win it all.


The degree to which the athlete can be counted on to attend practices and meetings as scheduled. The degree to which the athlete thinks things through, is organized, responsible and achievement driven.


The degree to which the athlete is a team player, is willing to sacrifice self for the good of the team, trusts those around him/her and does not engage in conflict with team members or coaching staff.


The degree to which the athlete feels he/she is in control during tough competitions is self-confident and is not afraid of high-pressure situations.


The degree to which the athlete values winning. The degree to which the athlete is not easily satisfied and feels that winning or being the best means everything.

Video Interview

Showcase your unique personality with a video interview and profile pic.


Available through the Apple App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android, the GETHIGHLIGHTED app makes it simple and easy to record your personal interview and capture a personalized profile picture and then automatically publish them to your player profile. This is premium feature that can be purchased as an upgrade, along with the MTI test, for $49.99.